Hello world!

17 Jul 2022 • 2 min
A generative scribble as a cover image

In other words - welcome to my first blog post! In this short post I’ll briefly explain who I am, why I started this blog and what you can expect ;)


I’m Misha Heesakkers, a Digital Designer during working hours and Generative artist in my spare time. A generative artist makes art by writing algorithms. An algorithm is like a recipe but with colors & shapes as ingredients. Since early 2022 I started my own shop ( where I sell one of a kind fine art prints based on your input. I’m running this shop from my home which is near Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

Why I started this blog

#1 To challenge myself to write more

For the past couple of years I’ve mainly focused on creating imagery but haven’t put many effort into writing or documenting my process. I’ve made one post on Medium a couple of years ago which some people really liked but never continued writing.

#2 To show more about my art making process

I’ve been sharing my work on my socials by posting mostly the finished art works without much words. With this blog I want to talk more about my art work.

#3 To start a conversation

And at last I like to connect with people who read my blog posts and start a conversation about generative design, creative coding, making art, etcetera…

What to expect

This blog will mostly focus on my generative art making, things where I’m probably going to write about are:

  • Behind the algorithm
  • Tutorials / How to’s
  • Work in progress
  • General stuff
  • Custom design tools

That’s a wrap! Let’s hope this blog might be helpful or entertaining to someone. If this interests you give one of my socials a follow. If you have any questions or remark - please let me know via a DM or mail.



Misha Heesakkers

Digital designer by day / Generative artist by night