Kleurstalen: Turning Colors into NFTs on fx(hash)

26 Aug 2023 • 2 min
A generative scribble as a cover image

In my previous post I wrote about my second fx(hash) generative art drop 'Buizen'. Since then, I released two more projects over there but neglected to write about them. In this post, I'd like to touch on 'Kleurstalen,' a departure from my typical work where I took the opportunity to experiment with fx(hash)'s minting features.

Some time ago, I had an idea: what if you could own a color through NFT technology? I wrote this down, but I didn't know how to make it happen at the time since I was busy with other projects. Then, I stumbled upon @revdancatt's fx(hash) project 'An Increasing Series Of Dots' where he used the '$fx.iteration' value to increase the amount of dots drawn with each mint. So, the first mint had one dot because of the iteration value of 1. The second had two dots with the value 2, and so on. After seeing Dan's project, a thought clicked — why not use the same trick to make my ‘Own a color’ idea happen?

I fired up a fx(hash) boilperplate and used the '$fx.iteration' value to pick a color from a predefined list of colors. Since this stuff is all happening in a web browser and to keep things neat, I went with the 140 HTML Color Names. I found a list of these colors in a .json file online, and I mixed up the order so people couldn't guess the next color. Unless they peek at the source code, that is! In less than an hour, I had it working perfectly and got down to making it look nice. I kept the design simple: a background in one color, with the name and hex code of the color — just like those paint color samples you might know. And that wraps it up!

Kleurstalen on fx(hash) Kleurstalen on fx(hash)

I launched the project on fx(hash) on Sunday afternoon, sent out a tweet, and in no time, people were collecting colors. In just a few hours, all 140 colors were collected and the project was minted out. That was fun! What made it even cooler was seeing people trade and buy certain colors — even now, it happens every now and then. In some way you can now own a color!

Thanks for reading! Now, back to making generative art 🤓

Misha Heesakkers

Digital designer by day / Generative artist by night