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Misha Heesakkers

Digital Designer by day / Generative Artist by night

Senior Digital Designer

Currently working as a Senior Digital Designer @ IN10 where I design websites, apps, design systems & digital identities. For digital / ui / visual design work see my Behance or Dribbble.

Generative design / art

In my spare time I like to experiment with design & art and work on side projects. One of my big passions is generative design. A design practice where I use programming languages to create graphics.

Design tooling

I also like to create tools that simplify design tasks. I have created plugins for design tools like Figma Auto Layout Sorter or stand-alone (web) apps like Waveformer for vectorizing audio waveforms.


For those interested in behind-the-scenes content I keep a blog where I try to post monthly.

Reach out

For collaborations, custom requests, or general inquiries please feel free to reach out via: