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The title of this algorithm is a bad merge between the word ‘Walker’ and ‘Arc’. It’s a random walker algorithm that uses arcs instead of straight lines. Each walker stays inside a rectangular boundary. For this it makes heavy use of trigonometry and vector math. It may look like a random scribble but it’s a little bit more complicated than that ;-)

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What I do

I make art by writing algorithms. You get one of a kind fine art prints based on your personal input.

An algorithm is like a recipe but with colors & shapes as ingredients. Your input, like a birthday, decides how the ingredients are mixed to create a one of a kind artwork.

Misha Heesakkers

Generative artist / Creative Coder

How it works

1Choose your input
for the algorithm

Your input can be anything so long as it is number or text based. The input will be the ‘seed’ of the artwork.

2Make an edition
request via the form

Share your personal input, paper size / signing preference and contact details via the form below.

3Receive a preview from the algorithm via email

When I receive your request I’ll run the algorithm with your input. You’ll receive a preview of the result by email.

4Happy with the result? Lets make a fine art print!

Payment is done via a payment request (bank transfer or PayPal). In a few days (depending on country) you'll receive your print.

More about the algorithm


Generating a scribble - Behind the algorithm: Warcler

I often start my generative work with a question about how to create something. This time, I asked myself how to generate a random scribble. I decided to use a random walker algorithm with arcs for its paths. In this post, I'll explain the process of making the algorithm and how I turned it into a generative artwork.

8 min read

All art is printed on high quality matte paper with fade-resistant pigment inks. This results in a long lasting fine art print with vivid colors.


High quality matte paper

Matt FineArt Photo Rag 188gr. Age resistant paper and specially designed for fine art prints.


Fade-resistant pigment inks

Epson UltraChrome PRO10 pigment based inks for long lasting prints with vivid colors.


Outstanding print quality

The Epson SC-P900 photo printer has been developed with outstanding print quality as standard.

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Reach out via the form below. I'll run the algorithm, feed it your input and send a preview of the result. If you like the result we can create a fine art print of it and ship it to you! (I usually respond within 24 hours)