Frequently asked questions about my work & shop.

What is an algorithm?

An algorithm is a set of instructions for solving a problem or accomplishing a task. In generative art these instructions apply to color use, drawing of shapes, positioning of elements

What is generative art?

Generative art is art that has been generated by a set of rules. In most cases these rules are executed by an autonomous system (a computer). It’s also otherwise known as computer or algorithmic art.

What does my input do?

All of my algorithms are driven by a sequence of random numbers. The first random number picks the color palette of the piece, the second defines the amount of shapes it’s going to draw and sofort. These random numbers are created at the start of running the algorithm by a generator. Your input basically tells the generator to always create the same sequence of random numbers. This makes your edition one of a kind and a lot more personal than just a random piece.

How can I be sure it is one of a kind?

I keep a ledger of all the acquiered editions and their unique inputs. Before running the algorithm with your input I’ll do a check if this input isn’t already used for the specific algorithm.

What programming language do you use?

Most of the time I use the Processing programming language. Processing is a free graphical library based on Java built for the electronic arts, new media art and and visual design communities.

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