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Behind the algorithm: Buizen - Generating tubes with arc tangent math

Welcome to my article series ‘Behind the algorithm’ where I try to write about the work that gets into the artwork. I started this series for my generative prints but recently I dipped my toes into generative art NFTs on fxhash where I launched two generative tokens, “Kralen” and “Buizen”. In this article, we will explore the creation process behind the 'Buizen' algorithm — a project inspired by the exploration of (arc) tangent math.

29 Apr 2023 • 7 min

In progress #1: FigJam as a sketchbook and unfinished algorithms

This is a first blog post in a new series where I give an update about what I’m currently working on. Sometimes it takes a while before I release a new work but behind the scenes I’m always tinkering with some stuff. In this post you’ll read about how I have started using Figjam as a sketchbook and see some in progress stuff from the works I’m currently working on. From generative pottery, creating random scribbles to tangents in geometry ;)

20 Nov 2022 • 3 min

How I made my own Processing Java Library

Since launching my own shop I’ve noticed that I wanted to spend more time improving my generative art making workflow. By writing better code my work files become hopefully more stable and easy to work with. During the years I’ve created quite a bunch of helper classes and methods that help me with f.e. picking random numbers, color palettes, vector math, collision detection and much more. This meant that for each new project I needed to copy and paste all these classes & methods. Occasionally once of these classes or methods could have a small bug or improvement had a small bug I needed to replace this in all my projects. It was time to look into creating my own library. One place to store all my helper classes & methods which can be imported in all my projects. But how was I going to create own?

19 Jul 2022 • 4 min

The idea: One of a kind fine art prints based on your input

Around a year ago I had the idea to start selling fine art prints of my generative art. I took a look into the NFT art space and really liked the idea of buying one of a kind editions of a generative project. What I didn’t like is that you don’t know beforehand what your edition would look like and that it would be completely random. I came up with the idea that you as a potential buyer can give your personal input to one of my generative art algorithms which in turn will render a unique and personal edition. I reviewed this idea with a couple of friends who really got excited about it. One friend actually promised to buy the first print! He wanted to use the unix time stamp of the time and date of the birth of his - soon to be born - son as his personal input. I immediately got a deadline ;)

18 Jul 2022 • 4 min

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