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Interactive Example Algorithm.

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    Choose one of the algorithms below and think about your unique text input for the algorithm. This could be a specific date, a lucky number, a sentence, title of a song, you name it. This input will be the ‘seed’ of the artwork.

  • 2Feed the algorithm

    Found an algorithm that you like? Reach out to me and tell me your unique input. I'll run the algorithm, feed it your input and send a preview of the result.

  • 3Get a one of a kind artwork

    If you like what the algorithm came up with we can start creating a fine art print of it and ship it to you!

    Feeling adventurous? Skip the preview & see the result when you receive your fine art print.



The title of this algorithm is a bad merge between the word ‘Walker’ and ‘Arc’. It’s a random walker algorithm that uses arcs instead of straight lines. Each walker stays inside a rectangular boundary. For this it makes heavy use of trigonometry and vector math. It may look like a random scribble but it’s a little bit more complicated than that ;-)

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A5 €25 / A4 €35 / A3 €55


A generative type algorithm where characters are drawn on a fixed grid. Characters are built with simple geometric shapes which are chosen via character specific instructions. Each character is generated differently due to the influence of random stroke weights and coloring. This gives an almost 3D like feel to it. For those who look closely you can see that the characters are inspired by the 1968 Mexico Olympics typeface, hence the name of the algorithm. Choose your letter or number, add your personal input and get your unique edition of this algorithm by filling in the contact form below.

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A5 €25 / A4 €35 / A3 €55


Interesting compositions arise when you start slicing up a rectangular shape. With each slice new shapes are created and these shapes add new color variations and slight distortions to the composition. From very chaotic to very simple - this algorithm creates it all - but it still seems that there is some kind of order to it.

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This algorithm has changed names many times. Starting with just simply ‘Rounded polygons’ because each polygon has rounded corners. But due to iteration I came eventually to a new title ‘Scrabble’. To scratch or grope around with one's fingers to find, collect, or hold on to something (Definition from Oxford Languages).

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A5 €25 / A4 €35 / A3 €55

All art is printed on high quality matte paper with fade-resistant pigment inks. This results in a long lasting fine art print with vivid colors.


High quality matte paper

Matt FineArt Photo Rag 188gr. Age resistant paper and specially designed for fine art prints.


Fade-resistant pigment inks

Epson UltraChrome PRO10 pigment based inks for long lasting prints with vivid colors.


Outstanding print quality

The Epson SC-P900 photo printer has been developed with outstanding print quality as standard.

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I'm Misha Heesakkers - Digital Designer by day / Generative Designer by night. A couple of years ago I stumbled on a programming language called Processing. Processing enabled me to create designs & art without any design tools. Generating imagery by programming instructions & rules felt like magic. And it still does.

The great thing about generative art is that one algorithm can generate an endless amount of unique works where each work is different but still has the same rules of the system applied to it. You as a buyer can take advantage of it and acquire a one of kind artwork of the algorithm.

For collaborations, custom requests, or general inquiries please feel free to reach out any time via: or via one of my socials.

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