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'Buizen' is a generative art algorithm that creates interesting and somewhat chaotic compositions of tube-like shapes. The word 'Buizen' is Dutch for 'tubes'. It was born out of exploring the fields of (arc) tangent math. The algorithm starts with filling a canvas full of circles. It then pairs up the circles, either randomly or by selecting those that are close or on the same angle. The two circles are then connected to each other as one shape using arc tangent math. The addition of hatching for shading and a hollow opening on one end creates an illusion of depth, resulting in shapes that resemble tubes. Variations in the final output are driven by differences in creating circle pairs, as well as factors such as circle packing density, circle sizes, color palette, and curvature of the tubes.

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The outputs created by this algorithm reminded me of the colourful bead mazes that children play with. So, I named the algorithm 'Kralen', which means 'beads' in Dutch. The algorithm 'Kralen' creates random bezier curves using the edges of a rectangular boundary, and places beads atop these curves to create a 'bead maze' effect. The algorithm offers different curve creation modes, with the most common mode being 'Mix'. In this mode, two random edges of the boundary are chosen to form bezier curves. Other modes create curves that are horizontally or vertically oriented, or formed using only the corners of the boundary

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